Sunday, May 18, 2014

Minty Fresh.

So, one afternoon I was touching up my hair color (I always have new and fun colors going into my hair) - and discovered some new lessons learned.

1) Mouth wash takes hair dye off of your skin really, really well.
2) It does help, to have your Dom/me help get the back of the neck and so on, or places you cannot reach with said mouthwash.
3) BUT, beware, that if your Dom, suddenly decides to be frisky, and torture your already turned on self - and strips down your pants to fondle,play and tease you ..... BEG them to wash their hands first... for this is what happened..

Him - Does said stripping off my jeans and such and bends me over the sink to fondle/caress and tease my girl bits.
Me- Oo, mmm.. but, Dadddddy.... I am already going crazy...!
Him - Gives me that look, that I know means to be quiet and take said torture....
Me - Oo, dear.. it tingles.. ack.. and burns.. and ACK, your hands have mouth wash on them!!!!!
(Insert much laughter on his part... and much squirming on mine while attempting to get said mouthwash off of my girl bits......) x_x

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