Sunday, May 18, 2014

5 Lessons Learned:

*Another old, but favorite post.. I really need to make an updated list!*

When over Daddy's knee getting punished, do not casually try to stick lucky charms in Daddy's uniform pockets. (Daddy and I had been snacking on dry lucky charms before hand) Daddy will notice, and Daddy will give you extra swats for this!

Hiding Daddy's belt or other tools only leads to even more trouble.

Don't get ideas from threads on fetlife that other slaves/baby girls/subs have tried to get away with... furthermore, don't laugh your butt off while reading said threads when Daddy is near by. This results in knowing the next time you get a long session of spanking, a picture of the end results will be taken and posted on fetlife, and you are told you will post a note in your profile stating that every time you get into trouble, said photo will become your profile picture. :P (This has yet to happen, but shhh, don't tell!)

Do not try to hold Daddy's hands behind his head or top him in any way... Daddy is strong and can lift you upside down without much effort! :o

You never know what Daddy is really thinking during punishment. Example, Daddy says pick one.. the hairbrush or belt. You fear the back of the hairbrush, for you've heard so many say how bad it stings. You pick the belt. The belt gets put away... Daddy says, I didn't say what you were picking for baby girl! (I'm sitting on a pillow today!)

In living in the DaddyDom/baby girl lifestyle 24/7 I find myself being torn with being that sweet baby girl that will do anything to please Daddy. Or being a little, bratty to push the boundaries and see what I can get away with. I never go into being disrespectful areas, or things that I know will seriously make Daddy angry, but those little things that to him,make me cute and sassy - well, those are another, right? I know Daddy doesn't want a doormat. But I also know Daddy doesn't want disrespect or serious rule breaking. I think so far I've kept a pretty good balance, but I tend to wonder - how many subs out there get that urge to be a little imp and see what you can get away with?

I know there are some that just purely like being bratty. I know many define bratty in different ways also. Being a brat I hear is being disrespectful or not knowing when is too much or when to stop. Being bratty on the other hand I've heard is more like the things I've been testing the waters with. I would never actually try to top Daddy. He is the dominant, he always has been. I respect,love and need that...

But, this baby girl has a lot of ornery streaks in her, for sure!

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