Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Storm.

She felt the storm flow through her body, energizing her with its power. She had always been like this, restless, feeling the blood rushing madly through her veins, the warm rain pelting down on her face. He could feel the tension in her too. She practically radiated it. She stood there, eyes closed feeling everything. It set her nerves on edge.

He went to her, and placed His hands on her shoulders. She didn’t move a muscle. Slowly, He slid His hands down her arms, moving to her waist and pulling her to His body. She trembled slightly, her hands curling into fists in an attempt to subdue the turmoil within her. Still her eyes remained closed.
He could feel the electricity in the air. It made Him a little crazy too. He bent down to her ear. Very deliberately, He blew softly into it. She gave a sharp cry and came alive, twisting around to press herself into His body.

He took her weight easily as He ran one hand through her wet hair.
Her hands clutched at His back, as her lips claimed His. This was no warm, loving kiss. Her tongue thrust into His mouth, boldly demanding a response. He gave it. His hand molded her body against His as He let loose all the wildness He restrained with everyone but her.

Lightning flashed above them lighting up the clearing for a split second. She jerked against Him, hands clenching behind His back. Then suddenly she shoved Him away and ran. He stood frozen in shock… what was His little one up to now? Then He was after her.

They ran deeper into the woods. The rain was coming down so hard that He could barely make her out in front of Him. She was running so fast that He was scared that she would slip on the muddy ground and slide down one of the steep inclines. Amazingly she stayed on her feet, still racing with the wind. Her exultant laughter floated back on the wind to Him.

Suddenly she slid to a stop, doubling over to catch her breath, laughing breathlessly still. He pulled her upright and propped her against a tree. Her clothes were soaked, her hair plastered against her brow but she was more alive now than He had ever seen her. Her eyes were aglow as she threw back her head, stretched her arms out and yelled.

Her eyes came back to His face. He saw the power in her eyes, and suddenly He had the wild notion that the storm’s energy was in her, being channeled somehow through her to the outside. Her gaze intensified. Her lips parted, her tongue slipped out to slide delicately over her lower lip.
“Do you want me, Daddy?” Her voice was lower and huskier than normal.
“How could I not…” He answered, His eyes drinking in the sight of her moving slowly against the tree. She held out a hand to Him.
“Then take me, Daddy…”

He pressed her down onto the wet grass. She let her body fall with His, melt into the ground. Then swiftly, she twisted out from under His body, threw a leg over Him and propped herself over Him, her face alight with triumph. She caught His wrists and dragged them over His head, holding them down to the ground. She knew He wasn’t using His strength, for she could never top her Daddy, and she knew she would probably pay dearly for her bravery… but something inside her had taken over. Slowly, she stretched out over Him, her breasts poised over Him, erect nipples clearly outlined through the wet fabric.

“Baby girl….”
“You like, Daddy?” she purred.
“Like? Here’s how much I like…”
He threw her off, pinned her down easily, shifting to let her feel His obvious arousal against her thigh.

“Tell me. How much do you want Daddy inside of you?”
She groaned in response, thrusting up her hips against Him. He laughed softly then bent down to suck her earlobe into His mouth. She tried to squirm away from Him.
“Do you want to feel my tongue against your little clit? Do you want to feel my fingers slide deep into you, press against your walls?” came a low, deliciously husky voice in her ear.
“Yes!” she gasped, as the vibration of His voice sent tiny muscle spasms running down her side. A wet tongue slid around the shell of her ear. She shrieked. Dammit, He knew perfectly well that her right ear was one of her most sensitive spots! Then the lightning flashed again and she was arching against Him, suddenly filled with the need for passion and power.
“Yes, what…?” He demanded.
“Yes, Daddy…! Please, i need you now…” she groaned. He cocked His head in mock surprise.
“Now where’s that little one who spends our nights endlessly trying to tease Daddy? Can’t baby girl stand it when the shoe’s on the other foot?” He bent down swiftly to sweep His tongue over the sensitive side of her neck. She groaned as her body continued to move restlessly under Him.

“Too bad.” He continued silkily. “Daddy is going to take His time and see that baby girl goes crazy with pleasure.”
Swiftly He came to His feet and reached down to pull her up. Backing away slightly, His intense eyes holding hers, He began to strip. Her heart leapt into her throat and stayed there as He finally stood there in front of her. A wave of faintness swept over her as her eyes traveled over His body.

“Undress yourself… now, baby girl.” He ordered His eyes still on hers.
Sobered a little by the depth of her emotions, she lifted her hands to her buttons and began to shed her clothes, unconsciously using the grace inherent in her. Soon she too was bare; her skin prickling in the wind that rustled the leaves around them. He made the first step, backing her into a tree.
The feel of His firm body pressed against hers, the hardness of His penis trapped against the soft flesh of her tummy. The knot of tension within her tightened as her breathing shallowed.

He bent His head ever so slowly to nuzzle at her neck. A wet tongue stroked up to her ear and then down again, tantalizing every single nerve ending on the way. Her nails dug into His forearms as muscles in her buttocks contracted with exquisite slowness.

Thunder crashed above them and a fresh fall of rain made its way through the leaf cover onto them. The heat of His body burned through the chill as His hands moved over her body, touching, stroking, and spreading the water over her breasts. Suddenly, she came to life again, wrapping her arms around His neck and pulling His head down for an intense, satisfying kiss. One bare leg lifted and hooked over His hip as she pulled Him into her body.

He could feel the heat of her groin pressing against His hip, more than just tempting Him to plunge into its warm depths. But He was enjoying Himself way too much to end it so soon. Instead, He slipped one hand down her side, followed the smooth curve of her bottom and stroked along her raised thigh. He broke away from their kiss, and smoothly turned her and placed her hands against the tree. In one quick motion He pulled a twig down off the branch above and stroked it along her bottom. Feeling her breath deepen as she heard the twig break then stroke her wet flesh. She had known better than to try and take some control, she didn’t even want it. Then she felt the first sting and she gave a sharp gasp. Sensations flooded her as she felt Him take back the control, the power she always needed Him to have. What was she thinking, running from Him… teasing Him… she knew better? But now, He was making it right, correcting His little girl… and oh how she longed for it.

She gave another sharp gasp as the twig met her bottom again and again, pressing her palms against the tree.
His cool fingers parted her outer lips and suddenly drove into her. He could fell her inner muscles contracting around His fingers and He crooked them forwards and found her G-spot. Slowly He started to stroke the sensitive tissue, softly at first and then with more pressure.
She buried her face into her arms, stifling her moans and cries. Her nails dug into the hard bark of the tree as she held on for dear life. Carefully, He added His thumb to the concerto, finding her throbbing clitoris and started on the exact same rhythm He was using inside her.

“Daddy, Please…”
“Relax. Don’t fight It.” He murmured into her ear, as He started up again.
“Oh God… please… Daddy… “
He sped up the tempo. Harsh cries started to escape her, her body tensing up against Him. She had never felt such violent pleasure in her life. She needed to scream, to tear into Him, anything to keep her from going insane.

He managed to keep her upright as her legs gave way, concentrating on keeping the pressure of His fingers intense all the while. His own body was on fire, as He felt her muscles start to contract involuntarily. Her scream came with the thunder, and then again and again as her orgasms tore into her with a force she had never imagined.
He held her then, feeling the aftershocks run through her exhausted body long after she came. His own body was throbbing unmercifully after watching her explosive climaxes, every fiber straining to thrust into her with all the power He had.
He looked at His baby girl, and could see the impish glint return to her eyes as she turned to face Him. A very familiar smile spread over her lips… Now, where was i, Daddy?

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