Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shower Punishment.

As I enter the room, i hear the spray of the shower. Images of You standing under the cascading waters create stirrings in my groin. Smiling to myself, i shake my head and begin to change into my pajamas. Yet, the more i try to ignore the sounds — and the accompanying thoughts — the more pervasive they become.

Without warning i find myself debating in my mind — my body wants to follow the sounds; my mind is staying stay, for i know i am supposed to do as Daddy says. And Daddy’s orders are to change into my nightgown and be prepared and ready for inspection.

Standing outside the bathroom door; i don’t even recall crossing the room… my hand reaches for the knob. Now there is a full-blown war between subconscious desires and conscious caution. Part of me wants so very much to enter — part of me is warning me to stay out. What if You become angry at the invasion? What if You become angry at my disobedient action? But … even as i ponder these questions i find the door slowly swinging open… my feet betray me and i slip into the bathroom.
The clouds of steam give it an surreal feeling.

The moist heat surrounds me…i gaze at your outline through the opaque glass of the shower doors. Desire floods my body. The trembling in my body is a combination of fear and yearning. Fear that you will be so very angry with me — yearning for You and the rapture that You can bring forth in me.
You are still unaware of my presence….i can still flee. But, while i decide to back out of the room while i still can, i instead find myself sliding the shower door open… my legs feel like jello being rippled in a bowl — i can no longer hide…i see the look of surprise on your face. Searching Your eyes for any hint of displeasure, i stand just outside the shower.

The water now spraying me, dampening my gown. Madly i try to think of a logical explanation for my presence!

You see my feet shuffle, as i look up at You with my big green eyes. You look amused, but still have that ‘Daddy look’ as Your eyes narrow down at me. “Is something wrong, baby girl?” You ask, with almost a sly tone. Biting at my lip, i can only shake my head and lower my eyes. Your strong hand reaches out and lifts my chin… i know this means You want me to make eye contact with You. Looking up again, i fumble to find the words that are dashing through my head, but can only manage a small stutter. “Speak up, and clearly now, princess… like you’ve been taught.” You say sternly.

“Yes Daddy, i.. i just wanted to, well – see You is all.”
You know there is more to it, for You know Your baby girl better than anyone.
“Is baby girl disobeying by not preparing for Daddy as she was instructed to do?” You ask, with that matter of fact tone You have mastered so well. Feeling the butterflies in my tummy start to flap around like crazy, i try to think of a way to justify why i am standing before you, now with a damp gown.. and quivering legs. Failing this attempt, i can only muster out a…”Yes Daddy…” as i lower my head again.

Your arms reach out and smoothly pull me into the shower…i feel Your hands sliding my gown off my shoulders. It slithers down my body, dropping in a pile at my feet. You reach out for me. Your hand takes mine. Your hand, so strong neither draws me in nor pushes me away. The water begins to cover me. As You draw me even closer to You, i feel the surges of emotion sweep through my body. Every nerve is now alive and signaling. You lower Your head — Your mouth covering mine. The kiss is gentle yet provocative. As You slide Your arms around my shoulders to draw me even closer, my mind finds sanctuary. Your tongue now probing my lips and my own tongue slides out to entwine and dance with yours. Waves of desire flood my being.

My small breasts press against Your wet chest, the water lubricating our bodies so that we glide together. The swelling of Your staff presses between my legs. Pulling Your head back enough to meet my eyes again, You remind me that i have still disobeyed You. And while You do not ever get angry with me for wanting to see or be with You.. when i am told to do something, it is to be done. You tell me that while it is ok that i need You, a baby girl must learn patience and do as she is told, when she is told.

Knowing You are right, as Daddy always is… i softly tell You i am sorry for misbehaving. You reach out and wipe away the first fallen tear from my eyes, and kiss my nose before turning my body around and instruct me to get into position. Realizing that You are about to punish me here and now, i instantly squirm, knowing that the water is going to make it sting that much more. But, not wanting to further disobey, i lean my body forward and brace myself against the shower wall. The water splashes down on my bottom and i feel Your hand gently caressing the soon to be very red flesh.

You take your time, and the anticipation of what is to come rushes through me. You’ve never actually spanked me fully in the shower, beyond a slap here or there for fun or reminder when i tend to get carried away when washing Daddy. Feeling my legs tremble, i start to squirm again… causing You to grab a hold of my hips, and tell me sternly to stay still.. or it will be much more severe. With the words “Yes Daddy..” getting caught in my throat, i feel the first sting of Your hand hit the right cheek. Before i can even mutter out a ‘one..’ i feel it again on the left side. You’ve gone straight to business… right to left… right to left… each starting to sting more than the last. Tears start to fill my eyes, but i am also suddenly having a war in my mind about the water… for it is making each smack sting that much more.. but also, i have hopes that it will somewhat conceal how wet i am becoming between my legs.

Feeling Daddy pause, i stay in position.. knowing better than to move until Daddy says so. I then feel Daddy lathering soap over the already stinging spots… at first it feels soothing, but Oh! how the stings kick in. Trying with all my might not to start squirming again, i feel my knees bend forward… You take one strong arm and hold me at the hips, as the other instantly goes back to the punishment of spanking Your little girl’s ass.

Emotions sweep through me as the quivering within becomes a sensation of infinite pleasure.Your hands skillfully deliver each swat and with each one, i feel more and more release. How i thrive on Your authority.. the feel of Your hands How secure i feel as You draw me even closer to You after delivering the final swats. Feeling Your shaft press against me, my hips begin a gentle rotation … pressing against Yours…i feel Your Stiffness sliding along my mound … i press against it more. Your hands run down my back … fingers gently rubbing my spine — searching for each area; massaging; rubbing. You again take the soap and begin to thoroughly lather my body. Working in small circles, You watch the white bubbles cover my skin as Your hands slide across my breasts, You hear a moan emanate from deep within me. Your fingers toy with my distended nipples.

Time loses all meaning as we move together under the warm mist of the shower spray. Each passing second increasing the desires until it would seem that our bodies must explode…i take the soap and work up even more lather…i ask You for permission to lather up Your now very erect cock.
The soap falls from my hands as i tilt my head back to kiss you…my tongue probing your mouth. Finally drawing away, i bend forward to pick up the soap … a smile toying with my lips. i enjoy the pretense of ‘just picking up the soap’ as though i am not aware that Your staff is now pressed against the tight opening. Using my body to signal You that i want You to penetrate me — to press into that tight, quivering hole. Knowing that You will move slowly inwards until the muscles relent to the pressure of Your staff and accept the pleasures of stimulation being offered…i derive immense pleasure from the twinge of discomfort at first being entered there. The muscles relent at Your steady pressure and You slide in … so very, very slowly. Your hands reaching under to caress my breasts, massaging them…my nipples pressed between Your fingers send shocks through my body as i press backwards against You, wanting You fully within me.

You order me to reach down to caress myself … igniting flames of sensations that flood my being as You begin to pump. Now, the muscles are responding to the pleasant stimulation and also sending currents of ecstasy through my body. Mewing cries of pleasure escape my lips … You allow the passions to erupt and thrust in harder and faster — plunging into me i feel the warmth as Your fluids flood me. Your moans of release filling my ears and my approaching orgasm starts to climbs to unknown peaks. Breathlessly, i ask for permission to come for Daddy… “Please Daddy, please can i come…” i beg… feeling Your arms tighten around me, You tell me i will do no such thing at this moment… but i will wash up, and go finish preparing as You originally instructed.. and we will see about release if you behave this time….

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