Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sister Fantasy.

Daddy has this very skilled way of talking to me during sex or playtime. His voice is always confident and strong. Never missing a word or stumbling with what to say next. He always knows what to say that will make me pant,squirm and beg for more. But, me on the other hand.. while i know i am very skillful in a lot of things in bed, this is not my strongest area, i become so aroused that i am moaning, squirming and trying to form a coherent sentence in my head. It doesn’t always work! Instead… Yes Daddy, Oh pleassse Daddy, Mm, fuck me Daddy, i’ll be a good girl Daddy.. a lot of moaning and so on comes out. This is something that i think Daddy wants me to work on, but that is actually not going to be the point of this post.

Recently, Daddy asked me if there has been any new fantasies i have had lately, and to share them with Him. The first fantasy that rushed into my head, was one that has been frequent to me, especially during assigned playtime. (Times when Daddy tells me to play, with fingers/toy or whatever for a certain amount of time, but not cum unless I have permission.) Telling Daddy of this fantasy lead to Daddy talking dirty like to me, involving different scenarios of it, and asking me if baby girl would like this, or that and so on. Just hearing Daddy sternly talk to me in any way gets my juices flowing, but adding this fantasy in, oh wow. Talk about turning into a quivering wet baby girl!
So i got to thinking, where better to share this fantasy, but here? In my head, the fantasy goes something like this:

Daddy has let me have a play date. Or perhaps a sister. Daddy is off at work, and us girls are left home to do our chores and behave ’till Daddy returns home. Trying to be good girls for Daddy, we do some chores. But, naturally our impish sides come out, and we keep teasing each other. Laughing, tickling, pillow fights.. just doing what girls do. Perhaps we’d sneak into the ice cream. And perhaps some ice cream would drip down onto her neck and i would not be able to resist leaning forward to lick it off. Or maybe boredom would kick in, and we’d sneak into my paints. Before long, the paint would be more on us, than the canvas or paper. Of course this would mean we’d start to paint and decorate each other. Adding some glitter, some sparkle.. ooo pretty colors. Painting her pretty breasts in a nice purple or pink. Hands getting very curious and paint going everywhere! We’d lose track of time, the ice cream would be setting on the counter melting. paint all over us, and we’d hear the door. Daddy’s voice will call into us, and we’d scurry around, busted and dirty, and…. very wet. Daddy finds us, and we instantly see that Daddy look cross over his face, and we’d know right off how much trouble we are in. He’d investigate to see just how much trouble we’ve made while He was working, and we’d be sent to our baths to get cleaned up before punishment. Daddy would not let us play with the toy duck, or bubbles, but to get straight in and wash, and be waiting for Him in the correct position for when He is ready to deal with His two little imps.

Nervously we wash each other, sneaking a kiss here, and a grope there. But quickly, for we know how much trouble we are in! Drying each other off like good girls, and picking some nice clean undies, we hurry into the bedroom and get into position. Waiting, and waiting the nerves start to grow more. Once in awhile we exchange a glance and try to stay very quiet as we know Daddy is out looking at the messes we’ve made. When Daddy does arrive to punish us, our eyes get wide as Daddy slides off His work belt. The noise of the quick slick motion causes us to shiver. Daddy lectures us for disobeying His rules, and sternly asks us who started the mess. Who left the ice cream out, and were we allowed to sneak into the goodies?

The lecture continues, and we sniffle a little. Biting my lip, i wonder who will be first in punishment. Not much time is granted for me to wonder my thought though, for Daddy stands in front of me. Looking up, i whisper.. “baby girl is so sorry Daddy… we.. we….” Hush, is all Daddy says in response before motioning me to lean over the bed. Not wanting to make Daddy more angry i rush onto the bed… my eyes close tightly as Daddy slides down the clean panties me and sissy had picked for each other after bath. Then, i feel Him place her next to me. Both of our rears exposed and upright on the bed. my heart skips a beat as i hear Daddy begin to lecture us on being good little girls, and how disappointed Daddy is that we decided to break His rules. Swallowing hard, there is not even time to try to whimper another apology before i feel the sting of Daddy’s belt hit my backside. One, after another… but terrible of me, i forget to count. Daddy stops and reminds me that i am not receiving punishment as I was taught. i stumble to get it right, and count as Daddy’s belt lands on my sensitive skin each time. Stopping Daddy turns to her and does the same. Back and forth Daddy’s belt punishes us as we squirm and our little asses become bright red.

After, Daddy informs us to stand in the corner… hands above our head, and we are not to move ’till Daddy says so. Our cheeks red, upper and lower, we sniffle in the corner. More time passes and Daddy comes back in to give us kisses and hugs, and tells us we are still good girls, just a bit feisty and impish. Daddy makes everything better, and says He still loves us. Scooping us to each of His sides, He then tells us… Now, show Daddy what you two started to do today, and this time, lets do it properly, and Daddy might just let your little kitties cum…..


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