Sunday, May 18, 2014

The new girl on the 'shock'.

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Here at the Sanctuary in Denver, there are a couple of ladies who are kind enough to set up an area where you can try a demo with the Violet wand at times. A couple weeks ago, I got to experience this.. and a few people have asked me to share this 'electrifying' experience.

So at first, I admit... I sat there watching the lovely two ladies that went before me.. and my nerves were just everywhere! And of course, I know this is silly, but I have hardware in my entire back, so my thoughts turned to, ack - what if it like shocks all of that?!?! I think I suddenly started looking like a frightened puppy, and held on to my Uncle Kambriel and Daddy ... thinking, ummm.. am I sure about this?!

They both of course, being two of the very few people I know who can instantly calm my nerves, gave me reassurance. And, the lovely lady (I do not know if she'd like to be named, so I will just refer to her as the lovely lady in the corset ;)), was also very kind and reassuring. She let me touch her arm, to get a starting feel to it.. and from that point I was, all.. Oo, gimmie, please?! lol.
To get past what was rest of my nerves, I respectfully asked my Daddy if he could please warm me up with a start of spanking session. This helped, a ton.. for I got to start floating into mind space before the wand play even started. Daddy and Uncle Kambriel gave me some very yummy swats, and I was soon tingly and getting a little floaty.

I should mention here, that when Daddy and Uncle work together doing whatever it is they are doing with me, they just like - connect on a way cool level. There is an awesome connection between the three of us, that make whatever scene/session or such have a wonderfully nice, and intense in a good way feeling to it.

So, anyway!

Before I knew it, the lovely lady in the corset had moved over, and it was my turn! She had her hand on my leg, and all I could think at first is - behave, behave, behave and keep that leg still.. for, if you have ever done or seen a scene with me, you'll know that I have a bad habit of moving my legs a lot. (I'm working on that!) lol.

Daddy started by doing some caresses, and the bits of sparks were just flying through me.. once in awhile I'd jump, being some areas were more intense than others.

It quickly, got so intense, that Uncle was holding my chest down, and at some point, I remember him holding my neck up, for I guess I was all over the place, and about to go flying off of the table! x_x

 I didn't care for the feeling on my lip piercing.. I do remember that, but as Daddy explored different parts of my body with it - I was quickly gone into a very delicious subspace, and squirming.
I also remember Uncle saying - "Did we put a towel underneath her? .. then... "Should we?" And me, managing to say, or much like moan "Yesssssss!" lol.

I also remember yelling out - "Holy Shrek".. as things got more intense... which had the lovely lady in the corset laughing and saying that was a new one.. and I sort of remember Daddy explaining that I am not allowed to swear, so I tend to get creative with my wording. x_x

Somewhere during the session - I remember Daddy ordering me to cum - (He has been training me in this area for about two years now) .. I had no objections! And I do believe this is where things got to that, ah crap, maybe we should have tied her down?? For I really was all over the place! From there, I think I got ordered to do this a few times , and I do remember asking permission to cum at a couple points also.

During one very yummy moment, Uncle, knowing just how sensitive my nipples are, had grabbed both of my breasts, which had sent me even higher into a very wicked all over body type orgasm.

Now, a good friend asked me - what did it feel like?

I've been trying to find words to describe it here for her.. for she is very anxious to try a session like this.

At a low level, it feels like a prickly gentle tickle.. and I do not honestly know how high of a level she ended up with on this - but when going over my choke collar and such, there is way much more of a zap to it. It doesn't hurt hurt, but there is that mix of yummy fear that you know it can very likely hurt if cranked up.

The sensations seem to run deep into your body.. when the stimulation was in areas like my thighs, breasts and so on.. it was a very deep sensation.. and actually a very pleasurable one. I think most people associate electricity with, yikes, this is going to hurt! So, that adds to that excitement and fear of it all. If, you're like me, and get off on that sort of thing.

I'd still be a bit nervous to go .. head to head.. with this if it were fully cranked up! But by the end of the session.. I was so floaty and lost in subspace and my body was squirming and having those deeper body orgasms, that they could have done just about anything to me,and I likely would have kept on begging for more. :o

In the end, I received very wonderful after care from my Daddy and Uncle.. they dressed me into my footie pjs, and my Uncle somehow managed to get my very shaky and quivering body into the social room and onto the couch, where I could just curl up on his chest as he held me and soothed me.

Daddy cleaned up as my Uncle delivered wonderful after care, and I felt amazing.
To everyone who was involved in the session..Daddy, Uncle Kambriel, and the lovely lady in the corset... thank you all for a very, very pleasurable first experience with the violet wand!

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