Daddy's Rules and Punishments.

1. I may only speak positively about myself, both aloud and silently in my mind. I may not engage in bad self-talk of any kind.
2. My health is important and I am to stay on top of it, doctor appointments, taking medicines and etc.
3. I must go to bed every night no later than midnight. (Except on weekends or special nights, or if Daddy gives permission.) (EDIT: Daddy now allows me to fall asleep to the t.v,  being sleeping is hard when my pain levels are high. But, I am to be in bed by midnight.)
4. When Daddy is out of contact for whatever reason, I may chatter to him on Yahoo or email him about problems, as freely as I need or want to. If I feel the need to text him, I will, and I'll know that it is alright. I will not berate myself for being "too much work".
5. Daddy is my Protector and I will not feel badly about worrying Daddy when it comes to past or current issues and enemies.
6. I will not masturbate or play unless Daddy says to do so.
7. I will not play/stroke etc. with Daddy unless I ask permission to do so.
8. I will do the following every day:
·       A. Create a goal-list for the day the night before so Daddy and give his OK on it. (Unless on holiday or weekend.)
·       B. Morning Check-In, telling Daddy how I slept, any issues I had during the night or that I anticipate in the coming day.
·       C. Be up, dressed and looking nice for Daddy before he gets home for lunch.
·       D. Have baby bear Meadow dressed and looking pretty before lunch as well.
·       E. Do daily chores and whatever chores Daddy asks me to do for the day.
·       F. I will eat breakfast and lunch and stop ignoring my body’s needs.
·       G.I will take often breaks during chores and such to rest my back.
·       H. I will stop being so stubborn about getting things done when I am in pain and stop ignoring my body when it’s crying out in pain for any reason.
·       I. Make the bed.
10. I will watch my language and remember to present myself lady like when not in the ‘bedroom’.
11. Daddy’s word is final, always. I will not argue Daddy’s final word on anything at all, for Daddy knows what is best for me.
12. I will obey Daddy no matter what and never question Daddy’s commands or orders.
13. I will always walk to Daddy’s right side. (In exception of walking by a road, Daddy will then have me walk to the safer side, Daddy near the traffic.)
14. I will be patient and wait for Daddy to open the car door before getting in and out. Same goes for all doors on buildings etc.
15. I will always do everything I can do to make sure Daddy is happy, comfortable and treated like the wonderful Daddy he is!
16. Daddy will approve all clothing. (In applying this, Daddy provides general guidelines and let me use my judgment when he is unable to do so, but Daddy reserves the right to override my choices.)
17. Daddy will order for me in restaurants.
18. I will write in my blog/journal at least three times a week.
19. Have Daddy’s lunch and drink ready every day by 11:30.
20. Prepare the auto-set on the coffee maker every night before bed.
21. Have a drink ready for Daddy when he gets home from work… help Daddy remove boots, get comfortable, wash in the shower or whatever else I can do to help him get relaxed.
22. If I am unsure about how to react in a social or family situation, I will ask Daddy for guidance.
23. I am not allowed to lie or withhold any information from Daddy.
24. I am no longer allowed to hold back any part of myself from Daddy.

Punshiments and consequences.
  • Time outs (dressed or in undies/naked etc. or whatever way Daddy sees fit at the time)
  • Corner time
  • Groundings
  • Writing lines and or sentences
  • Writing Essays
  • Spankings
  • Loss of things enjoyed for certain amounts of time. (i.e certain websites,games,internet time,shows,movies,toys,playtime with Daddy...etc.)
  • Odd chores or assignments
  • Reports and How to papers
  • Any other punishment that Daddy thinks fits the crime. 
*rules and punishments are subject to change at any time Daddy thinks they need to be adjusted.