Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back and ready to dig in!

I am back!

As some of you know, I moved to a new domain, way over a year ago. That went well, but I missed the followers here. And I am delighted to see, that a lot of you are still here.

While I was away, my mentor passed away. With her, went all of my content, she was a huge loss in my life. I lost my grandmother near the same time. But, while away, I expanded, and grew as a submissive and a person. I have met wonderful new people. Have awesome new dynamics and relationships in my life, and I feel I am ready to dive back into the world of blogging. I figured some revamping is in order. Since joining our local community, my new name quickly became brat. And they now all prefer to me as the Dungeon brat. lol.

Much to share,always more room for growth.. and fun, naughty shares. I hope you all will continue to stay with me, and I hope to meet more of you as well. Please feel free to follow me, if you are not already doing so. I will be working hard to getting this place a new look and some fun posts.

I will also be bouncing around trying to catch up with all of you, and what you've all been busy writing as well! :)

xoxo brat *previously known as cricket/tabby)

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